What treatment options are available for gynecomastia?

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Many men deal with breasts that are enlarged. This causes them to feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their appearance. What many people call male breasts, gynecomastia is a condition that causes enlargement of the breast tissue in men. It affects millions of men, fortunately, there is treatment available to those seeking a remedy for this medical condition.

This article focuses on the impact gynecomastia has on men, symptoms and causes of this condition, and how to receive treatment from a doctor who specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery.

The Social Stigma of Gynecomastia

 Gynecomastia can influence societal norms of what a man is supposed to look like. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “It is estimated that up to 50% of men in the United States experience some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetime.”

For men who feel embarrassed when people stare at them for having male breasts, going shirtless at the beach is not an option. Understanding the causes and symptoms of gynecomastia can be a way for men to decide that a surgical procedure could be the right path to take.

Causes of Gynecomastia

One of the primary causes of gynecomastia occurs when men show a dominance of the female estrogen hormone over the male hormone, testosterone. Other causes of gynecomastia, include the following:

• Some prescribed medication

• Taking recreational drugs (most often steroids in bodybuilding or marijuana)

• High intake of some foods (in rare cases)

• A disease of the liver or kidneys

• Rare genetic conditions

• Hormone secreting tumors

While the causes of gynecomastia vary, it is equally important that men are aware of symptoms that can indicate the onset of this condition.

Symptoms of Gynecomastia

The most common symptoms of gynecomastia are: 

1. Tender and sensitive breasts and/or nipples

2. Swelling of the breast gland and/or nipples

3. An increased diameter of the nipple

Clearly, given that 50% of men in the United States are prone to getting gynecomastia, a proper diagnosis from a physician, and exploring surgery as a treatment method, should be a priority for those who want to change their appearance.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

If gynecomastia is persistent, the only way to improve the look of the chest is through surgical intervention. Dr. Jonathon D. Hall is a respected surgeon in Stoneham, MA, who specializes in Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, particularly in the area of gynecomastia.

Dr. Hall has been featured in U.S. News and World Report as a top-rated surgeon. He continually receives favorable online reviews from patients and his colleagues. 

Gynecomastia Does Not Have to be Permanent

A visit with Dr. Hall to learn about pre- and post-surgical procedures for gynecomastia could be the start of a new journey for men who want to change their appearance. Gynecomastia does not have to be a permanent condition, especially when an experienced surgeon such as Dr. Hall is in your corner. Call Dr. Hall today to schedule your consultation and get back to feeling confident. 


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