7 Reasons to See an Experienced Doctor for Your Next “-tox” Treatment

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Now that Daxxify is available as the first-in-its-class, peptide-powered, long-acting wrinkle relaxer, we have put together a list of 7 reasons why we think you should strongly consider an experienced physician for your next treatment

1. Know Your Treatment Options

No one walks into the cardiologist and says, “I want a pacemaker.” The cardiologist makes a diagnosis first and then reviews recommended treatments. Patients frequently come in with a request for a specific procedure or treatment that they have decided will fit them. Maybe so, but maybe not. The assessment of an experienced doctor who understands the aging process and options for correction has real value and can help guide a patient to choose the most gratifying and successful treatment.

2. Customized Treatment

All patients’ goals and anatomy are not the same. One size does not fit all. An experienced doctor is better able to optimize the treatment to match your goals and anatomy so that you will have symmetrical facial features.

3. It’s Not Just a “Shot”

Anyone with a nursing license in Massachusetts can give a shot under the direction of a physician. But do they understand facial anatomy and how it changes with the aging process?  Do they understand the importance of different depths of injection in different parts of the face? I have heard someone say that the different fillers and neurotoxins available are like a set of paints. It’s the one holding the paintbrush that is the most important.

4. Injection Refinements

Based on recent studies, we have a new understanding of the variations in anatomy and how they affect injection patterns. The goal is to give a natural appearance and avoid a “Botox look.” Drooping of the medial brow and over-elevation of the lateral brow can give an unnatural “Dr. Spock” appearance.

There is a delicate balance between the frontalis Muscle that elevates the brows and the muscles that pull the brows down. The commonly taught placement of neurotoxins in the corrugator muscles is often too high and can inadvertently pick up too much of the lower frontalis muscle, dropping the medial brow and giving a “Spock” appearance. There is a newly understood emphasis on more precisely targeting the depth and actual location of the corrugator muscles.

5. New Understanding of Forehead Lines

We have a new understanding of how the activity of the forehead lines reflects the underlying muscle anatomy. The lines are at right angles to the muscle pull. About half of our patients have a complete sheet of muscle and straight horizontal lines. The other half of patients have a fusion without a muscle in the center of the forehead and have wavy horizontal lines when they raise their brows. These “wavy” patients don’t have as much upward pull of the medial brow and are even more at risk of a “Spock” brow if the remaining portion of the frontalis in the middle is weakened with a higher placement of Botox or Daxxify.

6. New Treatment Patterns

Most patients want a natural and not a “frozen” appearance of the forehead but a better diminishing of the “frown” lines. The new pattern is skipping the middle forehead for a light “dusting” of the upper 1/3 of the frontalis muscle as needed. Together with more precise targeting of the corrugators, this decreases the forehead lines but maintains a more natural appearance.

7. Newest Advancements

Daxxify is the newest advancement in neurotoxins and is the first true innovation for botulinum toxin products in 20 years. Botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) was first approved for cosmetic uses in 2002. Dysport was released in 2009, Xeomin in 2011, and Jeuveau in 2019.

Like Botox, these are all short-acting neurotoxins, and the new ones didn’t offer any additional benefits. Until now. Daxxify was released in December 2022 and currently, it is only in the hands of experienced injectors who have undergone personal training from Revance. So, if you want the newest first-in-its-class, peptide-powered wrinkle relaxer, you are going to have to see an experienced injector.


Why You May Want Daxxify Instead of Other Neurotoxins:


  1. Longer Duration – In the largest studies ever done with neurotoxin in the glabellar area it lasts on average 6-9 months vs 3-4 months which is typical with Botox. “Your mileage may vary” but patients should expect it to last two months longer than they are getting now.
  2. Faster onset – Although the full effect still takes 10-14 days, many patients are reporting significant effects in 24 hours
  3. Stronger – 98% of patients achieved a wrinkle severity of none or mild at 4 weeks.
  4. Preferred by patients – If Daxxify simply lasted longer it would be a win. But interestingly at 2 weeks, 93% of experienced patients who had had Botox before preferred their Daxxify treatment


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