Earlobe Repair

What is Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Earlobe repair in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts corrects split or torn earlobes, which are commonly the result of heavy earrings, incorrect earlobe piercings, gauging, or other trauma to the earlobe. For those that wish to return to wearing earrings or who are self-conscious of the uneven appearance of their earlobes, earlobe repair may be a great option. Many patients are bothered by the aged appearance of their earlobes which can droop with time and appear even worse with the weight of an earring.

Am I a good candidate for earlobe repair?

Ideal candidates for earlobe repair are individuals who have split earlobes, enlarged holes in the lobe, or have experienced other trauma to the earlobe. They should also be in general good health and have realistic expectations of correction.

How is earlobe repair performed?

Earlobe repair is conveniently performed in Dr. Hall’s office. The area being treated will first be numbed with a local anesthetic for the patient’s comfort. Then, depending on the degree of repair needed, flaps may be used to repair the earlobe. Another option includes the healed parts of the tear being removed and the earlobe simply sutured together. Most earlobe repair procedures can be completed in less than an hour.

What should I expect during recovery?

During recovery from earlobe repair, patients should experience minimal discomfort. However, over-the-counter pain medication is recommended to control any pain. Antibiotic ointment may be applied to the sutures to promote a healthy recovery. No downtime is required, and patients can resume their everyday tasks immediately after the procedure. This surgery generally results in a scar on the earlobe, although it is typically minor and barely visible.

How do I Care for My Sutures?

While earlobe repair is an outpatient procedure, it is still important for you to keep a close eye on your sutures to ensure proper healing. After the stitches are placed, Dr. Hall will apply a thin layer of protective ointment and a bandage to protect it while it’s still fresh. Dr. Hall and his staff will provide you with thorough written and verbal instructions before you are released, but in general, the following guidelines are the basics:

  • Keep the sutures dry for the first 24 hours
  • After one day, wash the area around the sutures with water and gentle soap. Repeat twice a day.
  • Aquaphor ointment is applied 2-3 times per day until the sutures dissolve.

Can my ear be re-pierced after repair?

Yes, the ear can be pierced again, though it is advised that patients wait a minimum of eight weeks for the earlobe to fully heal. In order to avoid reoccurred splitting, Dr. Hall uses a double needle technique in the office to precisely re-pierce the lobes for patients.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent splitting or resplitting of the earlobe:

It is recommended that patients avoid heavy earrings after their repair and also get in the habit of removing their earrings, even studs,  when sleeping.  Dr. Hall has found many patients who have not worn heavy earrings or suffered obvious trauma but who have split their earlobes, sometimes more than once.  After talking with many patients he discovered that this was usually the ear on the side that they slept on.  His theory is that the post of the earring can be moved back and forth by the pillow and can slowly cut through the earlobe, like a wire cutting through cheese.  So he now recommends that all patients get in the habit of removing their earrings when sleeping to prevent this.

“I saw 3 surgeons before meeting with Dr. Hall and by far he and his staff was the most compassionate, thorough, professional and helpful. Can’t say how pleased and comfortable he and his staff made me feel.”

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