Before & After: Non-Surgical Improvement of the Jawline

By on October 3, 2023 under Injectables

Many patients come in with the desire to improve their jawline but are not yet ready to have facelift surgery. There are energy-based devices to try and tighten the skin, but from reviewing presentations at our meetings and talking with patients who have had these treatments performed elsewhere, these machines have not given significant and reliable improvements. Thread lifts have been discussed since I was a plastic surgery resident and have also generally failed to give an improvement much beyond 6 weeks in the jaw and neckline.

How We Restore Volume via Fillers

As we have learned to restore some of the lost volumes of aging in the upper face, I have also had patients who have had a pleasing improvement along the jawline by restoring some of the lost volumes there as well.

I prefer to use NASHA fillers (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) such as the products from Galderma (the “Restylane” family), Allergan (the “Juvéderm” family), and Revance (the “resilient hyaluronic acid” or RHA” family).

I prefer NASHA fillers because they are generally well tolerated and are reversible and can be dissolved with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Along the Jawline I have used the “higher G prime” side of the above filler portfolios- these are stiffer and give more “lift” to the tissues in this area.

How Much Filler Is Enough?

It is important to use enough to see a difference- 3 or 4 syringes are typical.  The result generally lasts close to two years.

Before & After

Our first patient is in her early 80’s and had a facelift years ago by her former plastic surgeon.  She now wanted to improve her jawline but did not wish to have more surgery.

She is shown before and again, one month after the placement of 3 syringes of RHA-4 as shown in the diagram.  This gives her a significant improvement in her jawline, which only takes 15 minutes in the office, looks good almost immediately, and should last close to 2 years.

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