Breast Asymmetry

What is Breast Asymmetry

Very few women have breasts that are perfectly symmetrical. In most cases, there is a variation between the shape of the left and right breasts. While variations are considered normal, some women feel uncomfortable with asymmetric breasts and want to explore the option of correcting them. Breast asymmetry can be observed in most teenagers, and around 25% of adult women also experience breast asymmetry to some extent.

How is Breast Asymmetry Caused

Breast asymmetry is caused by genetic characteristics or as a result of developmental difficulties. Female hormones control the growth of breasts. The growth stage begins after the first menstruation cycle and usually continues for two to four years. During the growth period, it is natural to have breasts of different sizes or shapes. Gradually, they will grow to be more symmetrical, though if this does not occur, the breasts will remain unchanged until pregnancy or menopause. This asymmetry can be corrected with a selection of procedures, including breast reduction, breast augmentation, or a combination of both.

Am I a good candidate for breast asymmetry surgery?

Good candidates for breast asymmetry surgery in Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts are healthy individuals who are unhappy with any asymmetry that has occurred in their breasts. The procedure that is best suited for your condition will be suggested by Dr. Hall after he examines your physical anatomy, and will vary depending on factors such as breast size, shape, and your preferred choice for balancing the breasts.

How is breast asymmetry surgery performed?

Breast surgery is performed based on the procedure(s) that are chosen based on Dr. Hall’s examination of your breasts and what your individual goals include. For more information on breast asymmetry surgery options, visit our breast reduction and breast augmentation pages.

What should I expect during recovery?

Depending on the breast surgery performed, recovery time will vary. After breast augmentation surgery, patients should take one to two weeks to fully recover. After breast reduction surgery, patients can typically return to non-physical work in just one week, but should wait six weeks before returning to physical activities, including exercise. Dr. Hall will give you specific instructions for breast surgery recovery, and it is imperative that you follow them for a quick and safe recovery.

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