What to consider before you get a breast augmentation

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A majority of people today are now more open to the idea of cosmetic surgery. Statistics show that breast augmentation procedures are among the most demanded and sought cosmetic procedures currently in North America. The main goal of a breast augmentation procedure is to enhance the volume of breast tissues and consequently improve your appearance. Nonetheless, before you jump into the idea, you might want to check out some of these factors before going under the scalpel.

Know your augmentation options

Normally, interested candidates choose between getting saline and silicone breast implants. Little known to a majority of people, there are other options that involve fat grafts. Instead of inserting foreign implants to increase the volume of your breasts, your cosmetic surgeon will derive fat deposits from one part of your body and inject them into your breasts. Each one of these procedures has its fair share of pros and cons that you might want to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon before the procedure.

What are your goals?

As earlier stated, breast augmentation procedures increase the volume of breasts. Your goals and desires must align with the sole functions of breast augmentation. Patients looking to correct drooping breasts may not benefit from breast augmentation. If you are looking to enhance the size and position of your breasts, you might want to consider combining a breast lift procedure and breast augmentation.

Breast implants don’t last a lifetime

The average lifespan of breast implants is about ten years with proper care and maintenance. However, along the way, some beneficiaries report instances of rupture and leak that leave no other choice than to replace the implants immediately. Experts recommend immediate check-ups once you notice unusual wrinkling effects on the breasts’ surfaces. People with silicone implants are advised to head into the cosmetic surgeon’s office for a check-up every three years, although the option is less vulnerable to ruptures.

Future additional breast procedures are inevitable

Breast implants last a maximum of about ten years. High chances are you will need to replace or remove them once their lifespan elapses. You might want to maintain a good and long-term relationship with your cosmetic surgeon for check-ups, replacement, and removal purposes.

Your desires are paramount

Every breast implant has something unique to offer. For instance, silicone breast implants are thought to take a more natural shape once inserted underneath the breast tissues. They are often recommended for patients with minimal natural breast tissues. Consider sizes that augur well with your body contour and do not deter with your skin elasticity. Your cosmetic surgeon might help you make an informed decision.

What to expect after surgery

Breast augmentation procedures are invasive. Expect bruising and swelling during the first few days after the procedure. However, these effects are bound to tone down as the breast implants adjust to their final positions. It takes a few weeks to see the final results of the breast augmentation procedure.

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