Signs you Could Benefit from a Breast Reduction

By on December 3, 2018 under Uncategorized

Having overly large breasts can affect your self-esteem and comfort during daily life. The breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates when it comes to plastic surgery, helping patients achieve a more proportionate breast size while enhancing their shape and symmetry. Here are some signs that you could benefit from the procedure:

Neck, shoulder, and back pain

Carrying the weight of large breasts can begin to take a toll on your body, resulting in severe neck, shoulder, and/or back pain. This can affect your posture too, causing you to slouch and damaging your spine. You might also experience indentations on the shoulders and irritation caused by bra straps digging into the skin. A breast reduction can help you by taking some of this weight off to relieve your pain.

Discomfort during physical activity

Having overly large breasts in the way can make physical activity like running, swimming, or other sports more difficult. Effective sports bras can be difficult to find in larger sizes. Some even experience trouble breathing during activity. This is more common with those that sleep on their back, due to excess weight on the chest. After a breast reduction, patients often report feeling more comfortable working out, helping them to lead healthier lifestyles!

Difficulty finding clothes

Many women with overly large breasts have a difficult time finding the size they need in the clothing they like. Some are uncomfortable with large breasts and struggle trying to hide them. A breast reduction can help you achieve the breast size that is proportionate to your body, so you can have an easier time wearing the clothes you want and feel more confident!

If you think you could benefit from a breast reduction, contact our office. We can schedule your consultation with Dr. Hall to ensure you are a candidate and go over the procedure in more detail.

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