Fixing Tearing from Gauged Ears

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Stretched earlobes have been around for centuries for cultural purposes. However, in recent years, people have been getting them done as a fashion statement. Unfortunately, over time, many people who get their earlobes stretched grow tired of it and decide they want their ears back to normal. There is good news: there is surgery available to fix gauged ears.

What are Gauged Ears?

Gauged ears are earlobes that have been stretched repeatedly over a long period of time. Usually, this is done so the person can wear jewelry like plugs or cylinders. The earlobes are stretched and have a sizable hole in the middle to accommodate the jewelry. In many cases, it can take many years for the stretching to reach the desired size. Gauged earlobes can be very unsightly and uncomfortable once a person decides they are no longer interested in using plugs or cylinders as a fashion statement.

The Natural Process

Usually, doctors recommend that before a person has surgery for their gauged ears, that they remove the jewelry to give their earlobes the chance to naturally shrink. In most cases, the doctor recommends that the individual use smaller cylinders or plugs as their earlobes begin to shrink. If the hole shrinks to a small enough size, the person doesn’t need to have surgery performed to repair their gauged earlobes.

However, sometimes, the individual may decide they still want to get surgery to fix their gauged earlobes. If the hole is larger than 6 millimeters, surgery is the only option as well.

Gauged Earlobe Surgery Process

When you have surgery to fixed gauged earlobes, it is done under anesthesia and takes around 30 minutes per ear. The surgeon reshapes and restructures the earlobe by working with the ear’s natural tissue. The procedure normally starts as the doctor slices the lobe and then sews the skin back together to return it to its normal appearance and shape. Depending on the plastic surgeon, the cost for this type of surgery can run at around $500 per earlobe on average.

What to Expect After Surgery

After you have received surgery for gauged earlobes, you will have a scar that goes down the middle of each earlobe. The surgery is considered safe, but your doctor will also instruct you on how to properly care for your lobes to avoid infections or other complications. The doctor will also advise you not to stretch your earlobes out again in the future as it can lead to the lobes being torn in two.

Fortunately, if you are tired of having stretched or gauged earlobes, you don’t have to deal with them forever. When this type of surgery is your only option, you are in good hands. The procedure is fast and efficient and is definitely a good option if you are longing to get your old earlobes back.

If you are interested in fixing your gauged earlobes with surgery and you’re located in Massachusetts, contact Dr. Jonathan Dr. Hall, MD, FACS at your earliest convenience.

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