7 Summer Skincare Tips

By on June 10, 2021 under Plastic Surgery

When summer comes, your skin notices. With more activities outdoors and being more exposed to environmental pollutants, your skincare routine should change to fit the season. Investing in skincare products is worth it. These 10 tips can help you to revive and rejuvenate your skin throughout the hot, sticky, and sunlit summer.

1. Change Moisturizer

During the summer months, it’s best to stay away from thick formulas and moisture-rich compounds. Instead, go for light moisturizers with the added benefit of sunscreen. Dermatologists usually recommend an SPF of 30 minimum. Using heavy moisturizers can tend to block your pores, resulting in inflammation or even acne breakouts.

2. Go for a High-Quality Toner

The best skin toners help to close pores so they collect less dirt throughout the day, as well as providing deep cleansing benefits. Consider getting a professional-grade product that can refresh your skin and reduce oil production — especially in the oil-prone T-zone. The T-zone tends to have a lot of sebaceous glands that can become more oily during summer.

3. Hydrate Your Body From the Inside Out

It is important to consume enough water when the weather is hot and dry. Hydration is not just for metabolism and quenching thirst, as it also keeps your skin out of trouble by flushing toxins through sweat and urine. During the summer months, you may benefit from purchasing hydrating face masks that can help keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

4. Upgrade Your Face Wash

The summer brings dry air and hot temperatures that makes sweat a common dehydrator of skin. If your normal face wash is formulated to cleanse but still dry out your skin, its negative effects can be much worse in the summer. Many people look for different cleansing products during this time of year, especially if they have naturally dry skin that tends to become even more sensitive to sun and heat.

5. Use Sunscreen Diligently

The leading cause of both cosmetic and medical issues of skin is sun damage. Using sunscreen and wearing sun-blocking clothing are some of your best defenses to the photodamage that can come due to sun exposure. Go for a high-SPF sunscreen that perfectly absorbs into your skin. With diligent use, sunscreen can protect your skin from fine lines and wrinkles, as well as medical issues such as hyperpigmentation or even skin cancer.

6. Exfoliate the Skin

When your skin is stressed on a daily basis due to high temperatures and constant sun exposure, it can create a high volume of dead skin cells. For this reason, it is worth investing in a gentle and organic scrub that exfoliates your skin on a weekly basis. This also helps in eliminating dead skin cells as well as blackheads and other blemishes. Regular exfoliation leaves your skin nourished and refreshed.

7. Clean Your Eyes and Lips

The area around your eyes and the skin of your lips are the most sensitive skin on your body, and also some of the most noticeable. To protect them well, you need a good lip balm and eye cream, and during the summer months, it helps to get products with SPF benefits as well. Be gentle with these sensitive areas when cleansing and exfoliating, and consider getting specific eye and lip products that can help moisturize, nourish, and protect these areas.

Professional Skin Care in Boston, MA

Taking care of your skin during summer, when the sun is high and the heat is up, is essential if you want to protect your skin. To learn more about the best ways to take care of your skin or repair it from the damage that can come with aging and sun exposure, feel free to contact Dr. Jonathan Hall. Get in touch today by calling our Stoneham office location or by contacting us online.

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