5 Things to Know Before a Body Lift Procedure

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Choosing to go through cosmetic surgery on one part of your body or the entire body is a huge decision. Body lift is a significant life-changing process for those who have gone through a considerable weight loss and want to match their outsides with their contoured insides. However, it is not an easy process.
Following are five things to know before a body lift procedure.

1. A Body Lift is a Combination of Procedures

Body lift is the term given to surgical practice that may help you reduce excess body skin after losing a considerable amount of weight. However, it is not just a single procedure. This procedure is a mixture of skin tightening processes, including thigh lift, tummy tuck, butt lift, arm lift, and breast lift. Since not all patients require a similar combination of lift procedures, it’s customized to their specific requirements and preferred results.

2. Body Lift Recovery Might Take Some Time

After a body lift procedure, you only require between 10 and 14 days to recover. After these days, you can go back to your daily activities, though the exact recovery time depends on your body’s natural therapeutic process. It is also vital to take enough rest and not overwork during the recovery process.

3. Body Lift Cannot Remove Extra Fat on Its Own

Even though a body lift helps reveal the new body contours concealed under the sagging skin layers, it cannot solely help you remove the stubborn fat pockets you have not managed to resolve by visiting the gym or consuming a balanced diet. Besides the body lift, you may consider going for liposuction on parts that you feel they have additional stubborn fat. This can be around the thighs or in the midsection. The mixture of skin and fat removal is the best way to get a perfectly contoured look.

4. A Body Lift Helps Beyond Your Appearance

A body lift will not only help in your appearance – but also for the well-being of your mental and physical condition. Patients with excess skin undergo lugging and chaffing. Eliminating the sagging body skin helps in reducing the chaffing and in lightening the workout load.

Additionally, it may also lift the patient’s spirits. Getting rid of the sagging skin restores the patient’s confidence that they have worked hard for.

5. Not Everyone can Undergo Body Lift

Although a body lift may sound perfect, genuinely, a body lift doesn’t work out for everyone. The perfect candidates for body lift have the following characteristics:

  • Struggle with sagging skin all over their body
  • Do not smoke
  • Stable weight nearing their expected weight goal

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