Why Fall is the Best Season for Plastic Surgery

By on November 23, 2022 under Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a sensitive topic because it can be expensive, risky, and sometimes painful to recover from. However, with the right information, you might find yourself more confident in your body after going under the knife.

Fall is an excellent time for people to consider plastic surgery because of the dramatic change in weather that affords a subtle change in wardrobe that can help disguise surgical garments once you start feeling better and wanting to get back to your social life. This article is here to help you understand why a plastic surgical procedure is best done during the fall.

Cooler Weather

The bundling up we’re used to in New England is particularly advantageous to people who have just had procedures like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation, since the dress code quickly becomes “bulky casual” during the fall. Cover up your compression garments and hide your incisions or swelling while enjoying the best parts this season has to offer to you and your loved ones.

More Surgical Dates Available

Plastic surgery is one of the many professions that deals with seasonality in its industry. During the fall, there are typically fewer patients since many people book during the dead of winter or in preparation for a summer reveal of their new figure or face. The plus side for people willing and able to book during the fall is that your surgery date will be much more flexible than it would be during “busy season.”

Lower Chance of Adverse Inflammation

Although not many people think dropping temperatures are the best time to recover from a surgical procedure, there is a slight advantage for those who want to be out and about in the fall chill: less inflammation. Inflammation is aggravated by warmer weather and sun exposure is often forbidden, especially after facial surgery. A New England fall has none of these threats, meaning you can recover comfortably at home or even enjoy a night out in Boston once you’re up to the occasion without risk of worsening your side effects from surgery.

Boston Plastic Surgery

Any plastic surgery procedure is a big decision that can impact your entire life. If you are ready for a substantial change in the way your face or body looks, then the perfect time to go under the knife is in the fall. Our unique weather and wardrobe make it a great time to schedule your procedure with minimal risk during recovery. If you have decided that changing your appearance makes sense for your concerns, then fall is a great season to do it. Start a conversation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall by calling our Stoneham office or contacting us online today.

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