Why Consider Chin Implants?

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Facial augmentation is a very popular procedure done on both men and women. This helps people to balance out their facial features bringing harmony. Having facial harmony can improve your appearance greatly. Many more people are turning to lip, cheek, and chin augmentation options. Chin implants are gaining in popularity as having a strong, defined jawline is seen as desirable. Dr. Johnathan Hall provides Chin implants at his Boston Office.

Who Should Consider Chin Implants?

The people who consider getting chin implants tend to feel that their facial features are out of proportion. By getting this augmentation done, you can feel more confident in your appearance. Some of the main reasons people get chin implants is to:

  • Improve Neck and Jaw Definition
  • Correct a Weak or Recessed Chin
  • Improve Facial Harmony
  • Reduce the Appearance of a Double Chin Caused by a Small Chin Bone

Long-Lasting Results

Chin implants are small devices made of medical-grade silicone. They are anatomically shaped so that they provide you with a natural-looking augmentation. They are strong, durable and intended to be permanent. Most people enjoy their chin implants for years.

Combination Procedures

People undergo chin augmentation because they want to enhance their appearance. If you have other areas of concern that you would like an improvement on then you can combine the chin augmentation with some other procedures. Combination procedures include:

  • Chin Implants & Rhinoplasty
  • Chin Implants & Neck Liposuction
  • Chin Implants & Facelift

Recovery After Chin Implant

Most of our chin implant patients are back to work within a week. Strenuous activities should be restricted for up to a month afterward. It is important to know that, during your recovery, you will need to sleep face-up with your head elevated for two weeks post-op. Most people will experience some swelling and bruising which can be controlled with pain medication and a cold compress.

Explore Your Options

Dr. Hall will go over your chin implant options with you during a consultation appointment. During this time, you should ask any questions that you have about chin plants and the procedure. To schedule your consultation, call our office today.

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