What is The Recovery Period after a Body Lift Surgery?

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A body lift is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to eliminate any tissue or sagging skin in the upper and lower areas of your body. To witness the results of a body lift surgery, the recovery process is an essential aspect. As a patient, you should commit to the process and go through it strictly following the guidelines provided by your surgeon. During the initial consultation process, Dr. Jonathan Hall provides you with instructions for recovery after surgery. The staff members that work alongside Dr. Hall at Boston Plastic Surgeon also offer guidelines for the recovery.

You will also be provided with information about the recovery once the surgery is performed. The time of recovery depends on several factors such as the surgical techniques used, the ability of the patient to heal, and the amount of body lift surgery performed. Some patients may take a short time to recover while for others, it will take longer. A body lift may be performed on specific areas of the body or the upper and lower areas. Regardless of the area you want the surgery to be performed, Dr. Hall can provide you with the results you need.

Recovery week one

After the body lift surgery has been performed, the incisions are covered with bandages. The patient will be discharged from the hospital on the same day after Dr. Hall has placed drain tubes in the incisions. The nurses at Boston Plastic Surgery will guide you on how to empty your drains and how to measure the fluid till the next appointment.

In the first week, you will experience some soreness and pain in the incision areas. Dr. Hall will give you some pain medications to relieve the pain. Any bruising will subside in this week, but swelling will take longer to subside. You are supposed to take enough rest during this week but also take short walks to increase blood flow in the incision areas.

Month one of recovery

After two weeks of your body lift surgery, you can now go back to your regular routine. However, this does not apply for every patient depending on the extent of the body lift. Dr. Hall advises patients to avoid any heavy lifting or exercises for at least the first four weeks.

You are not supposed to consume any medications that cause blood thinning or smoke. You are also supposed to wear compression garments as instructed by Dr. Hall to facilitate firming and healing of the skin.

Long term recovery

After a successful surgery, you will enjoy the results of your body lift for many years to come. However, having a body lift surgery is not a solution to weight loss and should not be substituted for regular exercise and dieting. If you experience significant weight fluctuations, they will compromise your body lift, and you will not witness its results. You need to maintain a healthy weight before the body lift surgery, and after the surgery, for its results to last long and be visible.

Hall also advises patients to have no plans for having a baby after a body lift because the weight gain will affect the results. Any post-operative appointments that Dr. Hall schedules should be followed to the latter. If during the recovery process you notice any unusual side effects, you should immediately contact Dr. Hall.

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