What Concerns Can be Addressed with a Breast Augmentation?

By on July 16, 2018 under Plastic Surgery

A breast augmentation uses implants to enhance the appearance of the breasts. As the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure, the breast augmentation can address a number of different concerns throughout a woman’s adult life! Here are some of the most common concerns and how they can be addressed during a breast augmentation:

Naturally small breasts

One of the main reasons why many young women choose the breast augmentation procedure is to increase the size of naturally small breasts. Whether you want a modest increase or a dramatic enlargement for a curvier figure, breast implants can help you achieve the breasts you’ve always wanted! Your surgeon will measure your chest and examine your skin elasticity in order to recommend the appropriate size for you.


No one’s breasts are perfectly identical, however, if your breasts are two very different sizes, you might opt for a breast augmentation to improve their balance and symmetry. Two different implant sizes can be used to create breasts that are symmetrical in shape and size.


As you age, your skin loses elasticity and your breasts can begin to sag and sit lower on the chest. Aging and pregnancy can cause volume loss, also resulting in sagging. You can address this concern with a breast augmentation with implants to fill out the breasts for more youthful projection! For more severe sagging, your surgeon might recommend adding a breast lift as well to reposition the breasts and nipples while removing excess skin.

Correcting a previous procedure

There are a few reasons that might require a second breast augmentation procedure. Although rare, if an implant rupture were to occur, a second breast augmentation would be required to replace the implant. Other more common complications such as capsular contracture and rippling can also warrant a replacement procedure. Other times, women simply change their mind about their implants! A second breast augmentation allows women to change out the size, shape, or material of their implants to achieve the new look they want.

To find out if a breast augmentation can address your unique concerns, schedule your consultation with Dr. Hall for an examination.

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