What Can I Expect From Male Breast Reduction?

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Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, is a surgery that many decide to have. According to some research, men now account for around 40% of all breast reductions. This surgery is the best way for men to reduce the volume of their breast tissue while re-contouring their chest. Most men regain a more masculine appearance after male breast reduction. Breast gland tissue, fat, and excess skin will all be removed and re-contoured for a smoother appearance. 

Gynecomastia Consultations

At our practice in Boston, you will undergo a free consultation with our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan D. Hall. He will sit down and talk to you about any concerns or questions you may have. You’ll go over everything that will happen during breast reduction surgery. Dr. Hall will examine your breasts and chest area to determine just how severe your condition is. He may recommend different surgical approaches in order to give you the best results possible. Our office uses the most minimally-invasive techniques that we can to provide optimal results. 

You’ll learn about every step of the process, from pre-op instructions to the surgery itself to the recovery process. We will make sure that breast reduction surgery is the right procedure for you. You’ll be informed of all the risks of the procedure from the start as we want to make sure that gynecomastia surgery is the right solution for your needs. 

Candidates for Gynecomastia

Most men who are good candidates for the surgery will have enlarged breasts that haven’t gone away over time. Their physical issue will have likely caused them shame and embarrassment. Many men who come in for surgery won’t even take their shirt off anymore. If you smoke, you will be encouraged to quit before your surgery. Our surgeon and staff will make sure that you have realistic expectations about what you will look like after surgery. After the procedure, you will need to avoid any kind of substance or medication that might trigger breast re-growth. You will also need to keep your weight as stable as possible after surgery. 

The Gynecomastia Procedure

You will be put under general anesthesia during your surgery. The procedure will take from one to two hours to complete, and most patients can go home afterward. For most men, small incisions are all it takes to perform liposuction of the chest. 

In some cases, there will be more breast tissue present than normal. If this is the case for you, a small, semi-circular incision will be made in the areola in order to remove the breast tissue. You may end up with a small scar in this area. However, it will be hardly noticeable. 

Gynecomastia Recovery Period

It takes an average of one to two weeks for most patients to recover from breast reduction surgery. You will want to rest and relax during this time, and make sure to avoid strenuous activity as much as possible. You will be given a compression vest to wear for the first few weeks which helps the skin retract. It also prevents fluid from accumulating under the skin. Expect some bruising and swelling in the area. You will be given pain medication to help manage any pain or discomfort you may be feeling. Most patients are able to return to normal activities within one to two weeks. The final results of your surgery will be evident by six months post-operation. 

If you are considering gynecomastia surgery, call Dr. Jonathan D. Hall at 781-279-7930. Dr. Hall has a reputation for achieving the most natural results in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Let the experts handle your situation today!

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