Reasons to Consider Earlobe Repair

By on August 13, 2020 under Uncategorized

If your earlobe broke as a child or you overloaded your ears with heavyweight earrings, an earlobe repair can patch-up the damage. Considering whether or not you are a qualified candidate for cosmetic surgery is a vital question to pose to yourself before accepting the procedure. The same applies for earlobe repair. In case you have not yet decided, consider these most common reasons people choose to have earlobe repair.

1. To Provide a Polished and Professional Look

You may have desired to wear hefty earrings when you were in your thirties and twenties. However, this may not be suitable for your social position or career in your late thirties or forties. If you feel like your earlobes are breaking with oversized earrings that hold you back, ear surgery repairs can patch them up and make you look more professional and ordinary.

2. To Eliminate Unwanted Attention

In case you have a split or a torn earlobe, it can cause people to comment or ask about it. This may be irritating, particularly if you have long forgotten the incident or regret it. Solving the problem with earlobe repair takes all the attention away and is barely noticeable, so no one will mention it to you again.

3. To Put on Jewelry Again

If the tear or split is too extreme, you might not be able to put on earrings. If so, consider surgery to get a small piercing back. While wearing heavy earrings on a patched-up earlobe is a bad idea, small studs and rings should not be a problem. If you like jewelry and desire to wear stunning pieces, earlobe surgery is an excellent option to regain that aspect of your style and personal fashion.

4. To Explore More Hairstyle Choices

Most people with a torn or split earlobe try to hide it using long hairstyles. This may narrow down your options, particularly if you are a man and keeping your hair short is the norm. Repairing the earlobe allows you to cut the hair as short as you want, irrespective of gender, without worrying about looks and comments.

5. To Eliminate Gauged Earlobes

The earlobe can be extended using a plug. At times, an individual may decide that they no longer need a gauged earlobe or the earlobe eventually tears.

Earlobe repair is easy to do in the office with local anesthesia and takes around one hour, depending on the repair method or the extent of the damage. Dr. Jonathan D. Hall will repair the earlobe and even add a facelift procedure, which will pinch the earlobes, as well as cosmetic surgery if necessary. Patients will generally return six weeks after surgery to re-pierce the earlobes if they wish.

Finally, ears may be subject to aging, prolapse, and changes. Luckily, we have a way to fix them. You may be interested in going for earlobe repair if you have any of the above reasons, and Dr. Jonathan D. Hall will be glad to help you.

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