Learn More About Kysse: Restylane’s Newest Lip Filler

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Soft, full lips are something to be desired, but most of us want them to appear natural and not overdone.

Thankfully, there is a new kind of filler, Restylane Kysse, that can give you the lips of your dreams.

A Different Kind Of Lip Filler

Here at Dr. Jonathan Hall’s cosmetic and plastic surgery center in the Boston area, we are offering this amazing lip filler by the renowned pharmaceutical company, Galderma. The Food & Drug Administration gave Kysse the green light for cosmetic usage last May, and it has been helping patients ever since.

The hyaluronic acid formula is safe, easy to inject and performs with multiple benefits for the lips.

Flexible and Seamless Fit

The beauty of Kysse is in the way its hylauronic acid composition behaves once it is injected into your lips. Its incredible technology allows the filler to assume flexibility and mold to your tissue. As you talk, smile or kiss, for example, Kysse not only feels natural but appears seamless with your lips.

In other words, Kysse bends and flexes with your tissue and moves with your facial expressions.

Creating a Perfect Pout

Kysse has also been developed to add volume to thin lips due to genetics or aging, to correct lip wrinkles (upper perioral rhytids), and to define the border of your lips. It is an excellent filler for both younger and older clients and delivers that natural look that many of us prefer.

The revolutionary lip filler feels very comfortable in the lips, and recent studies show that Restylane Kysse has produced overall patient satisfaction.

Dr. Hall is an award-winning plastic surgeon who has the aesthetic skills and artistry in lip injection, and that makes all the difference when it comes to getting the best result.

Finally, A Longer Lasting Lip Filler

When it comes to lip enhancement, every client hopes for a long lasting formula, and Kysse is the answer. This product is cost-effective and convenient because it has the potential to last for up to one year. That’s impressive, as the average lip filler starts to fade away after three to six months.

When injecting Kysse into the lips, you don’t need as much to get good results. One syringe can go a long way for the typical lip filler client, making it all the more cost-effective.

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Having fuller, natural-looking lips can add balance to your features. Lip filler injections are the easiest and fastest way to achieve this aesthetic goal.

Now that Restylane Kysse has entered the beauty industry, you have another option for lip filler that offers superior technology that can integrate into your tissue and allow for it to move smoothly with every facial expression.

Dr. Jonathan Hall is a master at his craft and has been named a truly compassionate doctor by his patients the past 10 years in a row.

Book an appointment at our center today, and we’ll help you get the lips you’ve always wanted.

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