How Ideal are the IDEAL Implants?

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Techniques for manufacturing breast implants have evolved over the years, and today there are more choices available to women considering breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Jonathan D. Hall and his staff have used various types of breast implants to enlarge or reshape the breasts of many women to their satisfaction. If you have been considering breast augmentation, there are three types of implants to choose from. These are silicone implants, saline implants, and the IDEAL implant, which is a saline implant that has proven itself truly ideal for many women.

Comparing Silicone and Saline Implants

Silicone implants were the first on the market and have been proven safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Silicone implants are formed with silicone outer shells and filled with a silicone gel. These are the most common and they feel very much like a natural breast. The problem some women run into a few years after having them implanted is breakage of the outer shell and subsequent leakage. This isn’t always easy to notice because the saline still keeps its basic shape. Although this is not dangerous or life-threatening in any way, it’s troublesome having surgery to remove the leaked silicone from the surrounding tissue and replace the implant.

Saline implants are composed of an outer shell of silicone and a saline solution within. Although these kinds of implants don’t feel as natural to the touch as silicone implants, the saline solution is considered a safer option by many women. Saline solution is almost the same as salt water and is harmless when absorbed by the surrounding tissues if the outer shell ever breaks. All implants have a lifespan of about 10-15 years but rupture can happen before that time frame. That’s why it’s important to receive checkups every couple of years so a potential outer shell breakage can be detected and the implant replaced before unnecessary problems are caused.

A Structured Saline Implant

The IDEAL implant is a saline implant, but much better. A series of shells within the outer covering is structured to hold the saline solution more effectively. These shells are nested together, kind of like Russian dolls are. The saline solution is contained inside two separate chambers within the outer shell. Because the saline solution is better contained, there is also a minimal chance of leakage into the tissue in the first place.

These implants keep their shapes very well, just like silicone implants are known to do. Due to the structure of the implant, they feel more like natural breasts than regular saline implants. Also, the saline solution is a more natural option than silicone and is easier to maintain. Women who have used silicone and/or regular saline implants in the past notice the benefits of the structured design immediately. These are the reasons we consider these as the ideal implants for breast augmentation.

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