Fall and Winter Is a Great Time for Kybella!

By on October 28, 2016 under Uncategorized

Are you one of the 67% of people who are bothered by fat under the chin? Kybella is an exciting new treatment that gradually and permanently removes the troublesome fat in this area.  The treatment takes 10 minutes in the office and the results are gradual and permanent!  We expect to see some swelling in the area as the Kybella goes to work, so a time of the year when you can wear a turtleneck or a scarf is even better.

It is recommended that you stop aspirin/ibuprofen type medications and fish oils/omega oils for 10-14 days before your treatment to limit the chance of significant bruising. You may want to clear your social calendar for the three days after. I had my treatment this summer and was back seeing patients three days later.  Some subtle swelling lasts for a few weeks after, but is not as noticeable. We are seeing tightening and shrinking of the area for three to four months after. So don’t be sad that the summer is over- It’s scarf or turtleneck season soon!  A perfect time for Kybella!

If you are located in the Boston area and are interested in Kybella, call us for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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