10 Tips for Liposuction Recovery

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Are you looking forward to your desired body shape? After liposuction surgery, the recovery process is critical to get there. Excessive weight gain can make you feel uncomfortable and lower your self-esteem. Getting liposuction surgery with Dr. Jonathan Hall can help get your confidence back.

Here are ten tips for liposuction recovery.

1. Stay Hydrated

After having liposuction, you should increase the amount of water you take in each day. Your body will require a significant amount of water to ensure that you are not dehydrated.

2. Slow Exercises

After the procedure, you are required to carry out a few exercises like walking. This is to ensure proper blood flow to avoid skin necrosis. After your liposuction surgery, you should gently and carefully walk every few hours.

3. Wear Light Clothing

After liposuction, it is essential to wear light clothes to allow airflow, as this speeds up the recovery time and allows proper blood flow. Additionally, loose-fitting clothes ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the healing process.

4. Clean the Area

Ensure that the area is always clean and change the bandages frequently to avoid getting an infection. Additionally, you should avoid submerging the area in water as this can cause an infection outbreak.

5. Wear a Compression Garment

Medical compression garments apply even pressure and ensures that the blood flow is regulated. Also, they help to drain fluids and reduce pain in the treatment area. Moreover, the compression garment ensures that you are comfortable and the body is shaped properly.

6. Avoid Taking Baths in a Bathtub

If you enjoy evening soaks in the bathtub, it is time that you gave them a break. Keeping the area dry will help you from contracting an infection.

7. Take Prescribed Antibiotics

Ensure that you take the prescribed antibiotics to ward off any infection. However, with modern techniques being used for liposuction, you may not need antibiotics. Also, never use antibiotics just because a friend of yours used them after their procedure.

8. Have Nutritious Meals

Proper nutrition is key to getting well at any given time. Therefore you should ensure that you take a balanced diet all the time. Additionally, ensure that you eat frequent meals to boost your energy.

9. Keep in Touch with Your Physician

Ensure that you have proper communication with your doctor. This is to ensure that you are healing correctly. Additionally, ensure that you follow up on all your doctor’s appointments.

10. Care for the Incision Wound

After the procedure, you should follow the instruction given on how to care for the incision. You should change wound dressing, keep it clean, and track how the stitches are healing.

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