For Dr. Jonathan Hall and his team, patients are the top priority and they care about making them feel comfortable and relaxed. The compassionate and professional services at our practice in Portland ensure that patients continuously recommend and refer Dr. Hall to friends and family. The decision to undergo a surgical procedure is not an easy one and you must ensure you choose an expert who is also artistically skilled to get you beautiful results. Dr. Hall is trained in general surgery and plastic & reconstructive surgery. He also has a special training in craniomaxillofacial and pediatric plastic surgery. Due to his patience in listening to his patients to understand their problems and goals, in addition to his professional experience, Dr. Hall has been recognized as one of the top doctors in Boston, MA as recently as 2018.

Face procedures

Facial enhancement procedures are one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgical procedures. There are several reasons why people choose facial procedures, and this includes wanting to change a feature they were born with or achieving facial harmony which may have been lost with time. Whatever procedure you choose to undergo, Dr. Hall ensures that you get the best treatment that yields natural enhancement. Patients in Portland can choose from the following procedures:

Breast procedures

Dr. Hall offers a wide array of breast procedures which fit the needs of his patients in Portland. With age or due to genetics, pregnancy, breast feeding, and weight fluctuations, a woman’s breasts can undergo several changes. They are constantly struggling with asymmetry they may have been born with, volume loss, droopiness, sagging, or overly large breasts and nipples. Men with enlarged breasts can also achieve a more masculine chest with our advanced techniques. It is our endeavour to help you with achieving a more proportionate figure and breast contours that you always desired. You can choose from the following breast procedures:

Body procedures

The latest in procedures and techniques are used by Dr. Hall to help you deal with various body problems. Even though most people can lose weight and stay in shape without a procedure, they continue to struggle with stubborn deposits in different areas of the body. Once our team understands your desired goals and evaluate your skin laxity, the best procedure is determined to achieve the toned body you wish for. This customized treatment could also be a combination of two or more procedures. We offer our patients in Portland the most effective procedures and the safest treatments so that they can enjoy the body shape they always yearned for. You can choose from the following procedures we offer:

Non-surgical procedures

Not everybody who is struggling with body issues wants to undergo a surgery; some may not be good candidates due to many reasons. But this should not keep you from getting a rejuvenated appearance. You can consult us at our Portland practice so that we can help you with the many non-surgical treatments we offer. From injectables that help you with eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, including dermal fillers that help in case of volume loss and for reducing fat; to the medical grade peels and facials, we offer a procedure to help each patient. Our treatments are customized to suit your individual needs so that you get the results you always desired with minimal discomfort, downtime, and recovery time. If this is what you were looking for, here are the procedures you can choose from:

About Portland, ME

Portland is a city in Maine which is set on a peninsula that extends into the Casco Bay. The old port waterfront has working fishing wharves and converted warehouses that feature shops and restaurants. You can also visit the Western Promenade which is a public park atop a bluff that offers spectacular views of the river and mountains. The West End is the surrounding district that has several Victorian-era homes as well as the Victoria Mansion Museum. There are several historical parks in the city as well including the Baxter Boulevard, Deering Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Riverton Park, and the Eastern and Western Promenade. In all, Portland has more than 700 acres of open space and public parks.