Patients often start our conversation as I ask what brings them to my office with their desire to lok better, but their fear of “looking weird”. As I think about how to create a natural appearance I consider the area that is bothering my patient as a type of deformity. This may be a deformity of aging or a deformity of deviating from an aesthetic ideal. Maybe it is a deformity following pregnancy.

There are mathematical proportions known throughout the ages that are objective and determine why one face is more attractive than another face. There are studies that have been done in aesthetic surgery such as the ideal size and positioning of the nipple/areolar complex in the beautiful breast, or the umbilicus (belly button) in a beautiful abdomen, that guide us in restoring/creating the beautiful.

We want to correct a deformity, not create a deformity.

No thinking person wants to be distorted or deformed in appearance, and yet we are surrounded by images of some celebrities in the media that make us cringe.

Everyone notices when something or someone “doesn’t look quite right” and can appreciate when something or someone is beautiful.

The beautiful appears natural, the artificially distorted does not.

I have tried to share some things to consider as you seek to Find your natural look.