Split Earlobe? What You Need to Know

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Gauged and pierced ears are a popular style choice. However, when not managed correctly, they may end up tearing the wearer’s earlobes due to sagging, rushed or excess stretching, or other accidental injuries along the way. If one or both earlobes rip, there is a likelihood of infection or dangerous complications. Earlobe repair can help protect against these medical side effects as well as the aesthetic appearance.

Split Earlobe Repair Procedure

Earlobes can either split partially or completely. When this happens, it is painful and may also cause individuals to become very self-conscious of their appearance. To eliminate chances of infection and improve self-esteem, an earlobe repair is a prudent choice. Earlobe repair is a routine procedure, but it does require technical knowledge and skill to execute. This procedure is done under local anesthetic. The procedure involves removing the healed edges of the split earlobe and suturing them back together so they become one whole earlobe again. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall works meticulously to ensure patients have minimal scarring and a natural-looking earlobe after surgery.

What Causes Earlobes To Tear Or Split?

Tears and splits happen by earrings getting caught in clothing, young children pulling too hard, or other trauma to the ear. Choosing to wear excessively heavy earrings is often a culprit in partial tears of the earlobe. Using overly-large gauges in the earlobes or stretching the ears too quickly can also lead to tears or splits in one or both earlobes. Tears or splitting of the earlobe can cause infections, bleeding, scarring, and abnormal-looking earlobes. No matter the cause of the injury, getting an earlobe repair can help a person to look and feel better afterward.

What Can You Expect During Recovery?

Earlobe repair is a surgical procedure. That means there will be some aftercare and recovery involved. Being prepared before the procedure can lessen anxiety and help patients to achieve the best results possible. For the first few days following surgery, expect to be changing bandages and applying ointment to the area. It is also important to keep the area dry and clean as it heals. Patients may wear a specially-made headband during the healing process that supports and protects the ears.

Recovery is not often overly painful. Non-prescription pain relievers are usually enough for most individuals to be comfortable. Follow proper dosage recommendations if taking any medications. Patients are often fully healed after a few weeks.

Ear surgery requires precautions to avoid unfavorable scarring. The day after surgery, patients may feel well enough to resume normal activities. Overly vigorous exercise is not recommended right after surgery. Patients should wait a few weeks.

Dr. Hall will give instructions on aftercare. Following his medical advice diligently is the best way for patients to ensure proper healing and avoid scarring of the earlobes. Split earlobes can be re-pierced after repair surgery. Patients planning on re-piercing should consult with their doctors about the ideal piercing timeframe.

Earlobe Repair in Boston, MA

Trust the experience and expertise of Dr. Jonathan Hall for natural-looking, healthy ears after recovering from earlobe repair surgery. Accidents and injuries that affect the earlobe can be painful and embarrassing, which is why Dr. Hall is here to help. If you’re looking for a way to restore the appearance of your earlobe, get in touch with us today by calling our office or contacting us online.

If you are in the Boston area and need a split earlobe repaired, reach out to Dr. Jonathan Hall and his staff to schedule your consultation today.

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