Should I Get a Breast Augmentation or Lift?

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Should I Get a Breast Augmentation or Lift?

If you are looking to restore your breast size and shape, you may have considered either a breast augmentation or a breast lift. The method you and Dr. Hall choose will depend on the specific cosmetic concerns you are hoping to resolve and the realistic results you want to achieve. Each procedure is discussed below, and we can help you learn which cosmetic surgery is ideal for you.

What is a Breast Lift?

Mastopexy, also known as a breast lift, lifts the breasts for a firmer, perkier appearance. This procedure does not make the breasts larger by itself, instead, repositions breast tissue for a fuller appearance. Some benefits of a breast lift include the lifting of sagging breasts, repositioning the nipple for a more natural appearance, and the result? A more youthful, firmer breast contour.
While there are many benefits of a breast lift, you should expect more scarring than with breast augmentation (although most scars heal very well and can be covered with articles of clothing). Additionally, some women are disappointed when their breast size does not increase.

What is Breast Augmentation?

The primary goal of breast augmentation is to increase the size and improve the shape of your breasts with implants. Dr. Hall in Stoneham, MA, offers silicone or saline breast implants in various forms, sizes, and textures, chosen based on your physical anatomy. Benefits of breast augmentation include inconspicuous scarring, larger breasts, more proportional breasts, and a customizable look tailored to the patient’s desires.

Should I choose a breast augmentation or breast lift?

For some women, the size, shape, and sagginess of their breasts could all be a concern. In this case, Dr. Hall may recommend a combination of a breast augmentation and lift to achieve optimal results. However, choosing one or the other comes down to a basic concept. If you have significantly sagging breasts but do not desire more volume, a breast lift is more ideal for your situation. On the contrary, if you are not experiencing sagging, but still want to improve the appearance of your breasts, a breast augmentation is ideal.
Women who are unhappy with the look of their breasts have various cosmetic options available. Whether you are considering breast augmentation or breast lift, you should always consult with board-certified Dr. Hall to assess all of your options thoroughly.
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