Dr. Hall & His Wife Attend the 9th Annual Hope Begins Here Awards Reception

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Dr. Jonathan Hall with his wife, Teri Hall attended the 9th Annual Hope Begins Here Awards Reception on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at the Danversport in Danvers Massachusetts.  Teri Hall is on the Board of Directors of the Boston North Cancer Association.  Dr. and Mrs. Hall were Event Sponsors and have contributed their time and donations to make this event a success.

A highlight of the evening was the awarding of college scholarships to 5 promising North Shore Students that have overcome the challenges and hardships posed by cancer, to help them achieve their dreams of higher education. We have reviewed many inspiring stories of students who thrive despite their personal battles with cancer, some involving themselves and some involving a parent.

Last year the recipient of the $3500 David J. Solimine Sr Honorary Scholarship for a college bound senior who is a cancer survivor went to Alexia Palm, of the Bishop Fenwick Class of 2019, who is attending Merrimac college in the fall.

The $3500 Hope Begins Here scholarship was awarded to a college bound north of Boston High school senior whose parent was diagnosed with cancer or has passed away from cancer.  This was awarded to Kyle Anderson of Malden Catholic High School class of 2019, who will be attending UMass Boston in the Fall

Other scholarships went to students who had been impacted by the loss of one or both parents to cancer. The $3500 Mary Barbuzzi Memorial Scholarship was received by Kyle Lopez of St Johns Preparatory School class of 2019, whose mother passed away with breast cancer this year, and is attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the Fall.

The $1000 Lightshed Photography Honorary Scholarship was given to Anthony Djoko of the Danvers High School Class of 2019, who is going to be attending Brandeis University in the fall. And the $1000 Rising Star Scholarship was given to Jared Cepiel of the Triton Regional High School class of 2019, who is attending the University of Maine.

The BNCA Board of Directors Scholarship for $1000 was given to Erin Kidd, of Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Class of 2019, who is attending Salem State University.

Another mission of the Boston North Shore Cancer Association is to advance improved methods of cancer treatment and prevention by assisting medical school students. The $7500 F. John Bargoot, MD Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Grace Ferri, the Valedictorian of Austin Prep High School class of 2014, who is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Boston University class of 2018 and is a member of the Boston University School of Medicine class of 2022.  Dr. & Mrs. Hall were at her table with Grace and her family for the dinner.

The BNCA also funds grant programs to groups serving the north shore. Last year Grants were renewed to the Ironstone Farm Equine Encounter which uses the palliative power of horses to help cancer survivors through one-day retreats.

A grant was also provided to Diane’s Pen Pals, a non-profit that has a goal to “write-off cancer” and provides “go-to bags” to patients undergoing cancer treatment on the North Shore.

A Grant was also provided to LIVESTRONG Program for Adult Cancer Survivors at the Metro North YMCA in Peabody and Saugus.  This is a wellness program that helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis

15-40 Connection was awarded a grant to provide educational programs to Boston North community high schools on early cancer detection.

BNCA also renewed the popular program of providing Radiant Wraps at the Sophia Gordon Cancer Center at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center. Radiant Wraps are alternative designer gowns for breast cancer patients to wear during radiation treatments. These are a flattering and stylish alternative to the standard hospital gowns with the goal of helping patients feel more confident, pretty and secure during their treatments.

BNCA also provided a grant to Beth Israel Lahey Health for the development of the Oncology Wellness Program.  Its mission is to help all patients with a cancer diagnosis in our local communities get access to supportive services while going through active treatment.  These include mental health counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki and other therapeutic services clinically shown to reduce pain and anxiety in patients with cancer that have been clinically shown to increase a patient’s quality of life.

The BNCA also announced sponsorships of the North Shore Cancer Walk in June 23, 2019, and the Annual Walk for Hospice in September 29, 2019

The Boston North Cancer Association has been active since 2009, and has already raised and donated more than a million dollars.

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