3 Reasons to Get Botox Before the Holidays

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The holiday season is easily the most social time of the year. If you’ve recently developed crow’s feet, frown lines, or have peri-oral wrinkles radiating vertically around your mouth, seeing people and being seen by them could make you feel less than comfortable. The good news is that BOTOX cosmetic can instantly refresh your visage. A purified version of the botulinum type A toxin, this injectable instantly relaxes the expressive facial muscles that are responsible for dynamic wrinkles. When inserted into the skin, this powerful neurotoxins allow stress-induced cracks in your skin’s foundation layer to again lie flat. Once they do, you’ll be able to laugh, smile, and furrow your brow while still maintaining a smooth and undeniably youthful-looking appearance. Here are three reasons to receive BOTOX injections right before the holidays.

1. Skillful BOTOX Injections Can Produce Incredibly Natural-Looking Results

You may be familiar with the notion that the BOTOX leaves people with stiff, frozen faces that are unable to make natural-seeming expressions. This, however, is untrue. Skillful application of BOTOX does little more than smooth away the dynamic creases that begin to appear early in the aging process. People who are unable to lift the brow, make attractive smiles, or convey a broad range of facial expressions have usually requested their providers to inject far more of this neurotoxin than necessary.

If you’ve got dynamic wrinkles in the upper face area, understanding how this injectable works is important. Throughout the years, as you’ve used your expressive facial muscles, accumulated tension has caused the smooth, unblemished layer of collagen that supports your skin to crack. Whenever you engage your facial muscles, these newly developed cracks manifest at the surface of your skin as fine lines and wrinkles. This is why dynamic wrinkles are only apparent when you are using your expressive muscles. For instance, you aren’t likely to display crows feet or any other creasing at the corners of your eyes unless you’re actively smiling. When injected, BOTOX has the ability to block nerve signals to select facial muscles, thereby temporarily immobilizing them. With skillful distribution of this neurotoxin, you’ll still be able to make a dynamic range of facial expressions; you’ll just look a lot younger when making them.

2. BOTOX Injections May Actually Improve Your Mood

What comes first: the frown line or the frown? A recent study performed at Hanover Medical School in Germany determined that a single injection of BOTOX may be enough to alleviate mild depression. In short, using small doses of the botulinum toxin to immobilize and temporarily weaken certain facial muscles actually interrupts the feedback cycle. Thus, when frown lines are simply unable to form on the face, a person’s depressed mood can actually be uplifted. This certainly makes sense when you consider the countless studies asserting that smiling more may make you happier. Given that the holidays are frequently a time of frustration and social and financial stress, receiving BOTOX injections may be an effective way to both improve your physical appearance and elevate your mood. Moreover, with fewer dynamic wrinkles, you’re virtually guaranteed to enjoy higher levels of confidence while showing your new and improved look off.

3. The Average Duration Of A BOTOX Treatment Is Approximately Three Months

BOTOX injections easily rank among the most convenient cosmetic treatments for addressing facial wrinkling. These procedures last between just 15 and 20 minutes. They are also virtually pain-free. For assured comfort, the targeted area can be treated with ice packs or a very mild numbing agent ahead of the procedure. Although there is a slight risk of mild swelling and bruising across the treatment area, most people experience few to no aftereffects at all. Best of all, there is absolutely no downtime with this procedure. That’s why it is frequently referred to as a “lunchtime face lift.”

Perhaps one of the best reasons for having BOTOX performed ahead of the holidays is the fact that the average duration of BOTOX results is just three months. After this time, the body will have completely broken this neurotoxin down, and full muscle and nerve function will be completely restored across the treated area. This means that you don’t have to choose an anti-wrinkle treatment that’s going to affect permanent changes across your visage. Learn more about the benefits of getting BOTOX before the holidays by contacting Dr. Jonathan Hall today.

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